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Choosing the Right Size and Caring for Your Judogi

Judoka hold their Judo uniform, the Judogi, in high regard. It should fit seamlessly, akin to a second skin, facilitating unrestricted movement. Simultaneously, the Judogi serves not only as personal armor but also as a tool for your partner.

Guided by the principles of Judo, which emphasize respect, adhering to current rules regarding the Judogi signifies respect and fair play towards opponents. This is especially crucial in international competitions such as the IJF Judo World Tour, where stringent checks ensure adherence to regulations, promoting equal opportunities and fair competition.

*How do you choose the right Judogi for yourself?*

Begin by determining the size. Typically, Judoka between 145 - 154 cm find a suitable fit with a 150cm Judogi, irrespective of age or model (e.g., Beginner, Future 2, and Basic 2). It's essential to avoid washing the Judogi with excessively hot water or tumble drying to prevent shrinkage. Our Judo uniforms are pre-washed and shouldn't shrink beyond -1/2 cm throughout their lifespan.

*Competing at the national/international level?*

For those competing at a higher level, we recommend our premier product, the IJF Legend 2 Judogi. In our IJF approved range, half sizes are available, with 5 cm increments ensuring an optimal fit for all Judoka. Jackets and pants can be ordered separately and in different sizes to accommodate diverse body types.

The International Judo Federation has released a video outlining rules for international competitions; you can view the full video here.

For any inquiries, feel free to reach out to us through our contact form.

**Welcome to the IPPON Family, united by Judo!**

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